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Better Jerky?

12 Steps to Tastier Jerky
& Much More Satisfaction!

1. Wander into your local supermarket and find the snack section.

2. Since jerky makes up 90% of the 'meat snack' industry, you should be able to spot the jerky there.

3. Consider that most jerky is loaded with MSG, nitrites, and other preservatives, supposedly to make it last forever. Check it out! (And 'forever' might not be too long, either, since it is also usually so tough and leathery that 'chawing' on a piece can outlast a football game!)

4. Try to find out from the labels: Where does the meat come from? Were the animals fed hormones or steroids? Was any of their feed tainted with pesticides or anything else harmful? (Good luck!)

5. Also, check the sizes of the bags of jerky and the prices while you are there.

6. Important: Leave the supermarket without buying any of the jerky you just saw.

7. Go home (or wherever you use a computer) and click on this link:
Carol Hensell's Jerky Store

8. Spend a few minutes on the website and notice that Jerky Direct jerky

  • comes in at least 40 flavors/types
  • comes as Beef, Buffalo, Turkey or Chicken
  • has NO added preservatives
  • is tender, not leathery
  • comes from meat that is NOT tainted with any hormones or antibiotics
  • is High in Protein and Low in Fat
  • is available in twin-packs (two bags)
  • is also available in cases of 24 bags
  • is comparably priced (by the ounce)
  • NOTE: You will also find Fruit Stix, in four flavors, (for the kids!) and the all-NEW Turkey Strips for Pets! (Let them have their own!)

9. Go ahead and place an order with our secure shopping system. Pick your favorite flavor and meat. (Notice all the safeguards we use to keep your ordering information totally secure!)

10. When your jerky arrives, you will be tempted to eat it all by yourself. Don't Do That! Invite at least one friend to 'taste-test' it with you.

11. Don't expect this jerky to taste or even 'feel' like other jerky! This is a whole 'nother adventure - go slowly through the bag, savoring every morsel.

12. Decide on what flavor or meat you want to try next and go back to the website above.

Carol Hensell
Email me here

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More Money?

12 Steps to a Tasty Business
& Some Cold Hard Cash!

1. Order and get your own twin-pack of tender, mouth-watering Jerky Direct jerky (beef, buffalo, turkey or chicken - at least 40 different varieties and flavors) at Carol Hensell's Jerky Store. It costs just $14.75 for TWO(2) bags + a little for shipping. (What was the price of 'other jerky' at the supermarket again?)

2. When the jerky arrives in your mailbox, invite a few friends over to
  • play cards
  • watch a game
  • have a cuppa joe
  • let the kids play
  • clean the garage

  • bake a pie
  • wash the car
  • stitch a quilt
  • play video games
  • ...you get the idea!

  • 3. Nonchalantly open the bag and set it next to you while talking to your friends. Start eating a small piece of the jerky. Savor the flavor.

    4a. If they don't ask for any of your jerky, eat the whole bag yourself and think about finding new friends! (Skip to Step 8!)

    4b. When one of your friends asks for a piece of your jerky, give them just a very small sample. Continue eating your jerky.

    5. When your jerky-munching friend asks where you got your jerky, tell them you got it online and that it was shipped straight to your door. Do NOT tell them the URL of the website where you got the jerky!

    6. If they ask if they can get some, ask them how many bags and which flavors they would like. (The cost to them will be $7-$10 per bag. YOU can decide!)

    7. Collect orders from all your friends who are interested.

    8. Go back to the website above and, this time, enroll as a Distributor. For a measly sum of (the same) $14.75/month plus shipping, you get your own 5-8 ounces of jerky every month (whatever flavor you choose), a website just like the one you enrolled at, plus much more that you can read about at the website, especially the ability to order additional jerky - for yourself and your friends - at Wholesale Prices!

    9. Sign in immediately (it takes about 2/10 of a second for your own store to be built!), go to "Buy Wholesale!!!" and order the jerky your friends wanted - plus some extra for yourself! (A 24-count case costs $102.84 wholesale [about $4.80 a bag, with shipping!] - you collect $7-$10 for each bag your friends want and you make $50-$120 in profit! And, HEY!, don't eat all your profits! Ok?)

    10. Repeat Steps 2-7 and 9 as many times as you can, or want to, each month.

    11. When your friends express interest in having their own retail Jerky Direct Storefronts (which they can also order wholesale from!), send them to your own Jerky Direct website or to a webpage like this with YOUR website listed (email me below, if you need help). HINT: Six of your friends who join as storefront owners will bring you $12 in commissions - your monthly autoship is practically paid for!

    12. Enjoy your new life! I know you will enjoy the jerky! :)

    Carol Hensell
    Email me here

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